08 June 2010


I was revisiting my old blog [before I worked for Illamasqua, I wrote a rather rubbish beauty blog that I used as a creative outlet whilst at University...] and found a picture of all the looks I had when I first started working at Illamasqua on counter!

As you can see, I went through a bit of a phase with coloured eye brows - what do you think? Hit or miss?!

I also found the original post that I wrote on Illamasqua straight after launch - copied and pasted below...

And then along came a brand with a brain and a bit of imagination.

Welcome to the world of Illamasqua. I predict big things for this brand. The brainchild of super creative make up artist Alex Box, it's neon-esque, quality colours are just part of the reason that this brand is sure to get cult status amongst the IT crowd.

The campaigns are imaginative and funky. Not your average model-lounging-about-looking-gorgeous job. The four scenarios used to launch this brand are:

1920s Berlin - "intense, dramatic, mysterious"

Fantasy - "strong, untamed and suprising"

Noir - "edgy, accentuated glamour"

Romance - "soft and vulnerable"

I've finally arrived in London and not a moment too soon! So Long Countryside! Actually, that's a bit inaccurate considering I live in leafy Woking, but waking up to the smell of fertiliser is now a distant memory of the past [until Christmas that is...]

So what did I do yesterday? I headed for Selfridges, of course! I have been salivating at the thought of sitting down with one of the Illamasqua artists [did you see the ad in Grazia? Hottt!] and having a play with their products. So I did just that. The counter is inbetween MAC and YSL but the great thing about it is it's accessibility' - you can walk around and really interact with the product. There is also a TV screen showing looks and demonstrations and the staff are really friendly and helpful! I imagine Alex Box herself has hand picked the staff as they are all very alternative looking and as I was to find out, experts in their chosen field.

I sat down with Adam, a personal friend of Ms Box. He has done the make up for Rhianna, Pussy Cat Dolls and Fergie [the singer not the royal] and asked him to introduce me to the collection. My personal favourites are the Pure Pigment, which is a shimmery [but not in a glittery way, it just nicely catches the light...] powder, eye brow cake [Adam put on a grey/taupe colour that I thought would look hideous and yet was a great match once it was on] and the concealer. Adam told me that Alex had modelled the concealer on [a best selling competitors concealer] which is one of the most popular concealers with Beauty editors/ make up artists etc. Definitely going to be getting that one! They also have a delightful range of false eyelashes, from basic black to full on Shu-types, but for £9. Bar. Gain.

Anyway, I am going to book in for a full make over on Saturday night so I can look good for my first night in London since my birthday!


  1. i think that coloured eyebrows are pretty creatives but I don't know these kind of original look for everyday life :)
    I went to london MAC pro store in october and there was a girl with red eyebrows, I love this kind of things but they really don't suit my look that very simple :)

  2. Love the eyebrows! Yes Yes! Prefer the maroon to the blue - or match the blue to blue lipgloss! Awesome.

  3. Great post, Alex. Thank you for sharing and you look nice with coloured eye brows but I don't think I could wear them myself :)

  4. nice collection and nice sharing. Thanks


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