30 June 2010

Cult Week 3...

Continuing our ever-popular Cult Week countdown to Summer [although if you are in England, it's finally arrived!] we have four more fantastic products with 20% off for a limited time only...

Nail Varnish in 'Nudge'

Looking for that extra incentive to pick up one of the must-have Varnishes of the Summer? Then look no further than Nudge - think a slightly blue leaning mint ice-cream colour and that's Nudge.

*thanks to Vampy Varnish for the swatch*

Eye Liner Cake in 'Mislead'

The hero shade of the Eye Liner Cake family, Mislead is an inky black that, when mixes with Sealing Gel or a mixing medium, becomes a thick paste ideal for creating eye liner flicks, or for general face and body art!
The packaging was inspired by the cake products that were popular in the 30s and 40s. It reminds me of a by-gone era of Golden Hollywood when the art of making up was at it's height. I love how it dries matt, too.

False Eye Lashes 021

Anyone who knows me, knows that false eye lashes are my go-to on a night out! When you have been working in the office all day and you have no time for touch-ups [or don't work in a make-up office like me and so don't have hundreds of products at your disposal!] then reaching for a pair of lashes is an instant day-to-night look.

These lashes are my absolute favourites, as you can see below!

Pure Pigment in 'Android'

We heard last week how Debbie Harry - lead singer of Blondie - had stocked up on this product in Fenwick Newcastle. Not a surprise, as Android is a rock stars dream product; shimmering, sparkling and perfect for smudgy, smoky eyes.

A favourite tip of our artists on counter is to layer it over Concealer 350 [pure black] on to the eyes; the concealer encourages further intensity and longevity. This is the technique I have used in the picture above, so I know that it works!


  1. Nudge looks gorgeous! looks like i'll be getting myself down to the nearest Illamasqua counter this weekend to get a bottle

  2. I want a bottle of Nudge, it looks amazing...

  3. hi! any chance of illamasqua opening a store in singapore?



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