11 June 2010

Box News Flash!

Whew! Everything has been a bit of a whirlwind at HQ, but I found a few minutes to catch up with Alex Box on her work life over the past few weeks...

Last week was the Unkle music video launch for Follow Me Down; shot by the formidable photography duo of Warren and Nick with Alex creating the fantastical face and body art... the supermodel Liberty Ross looks incredible, too!

Last week, Alex worked with Japanese Vogue, recreating iconic brand images from some of the oldest beauty houses, as well as being featured in a double page article - Issue coming soon!

With campaigns for Pepe Jeans, Mandarin Oriental [which Alex was particularly excited about as it starred Sa DingDing, China's answers to Bjork] and Mercedes with the gorgeous Milla Jovovich and has a big shoot with Italian Vogue next week.

Last night, Spob, Rosa, Adam, Alex and I attended the West Thames College Graduate show that Alex found "really great - moved by how much heart and soul they put into their artistic creations." We sat front row to watch the show [full write up coming soon...] and afterwards took the trip backstage to meet the artists and their dedicated models. One girl had been there since 6:30am working on the body art. That's dedication to your craft!

Also, we have our Autumn Winter 2010 collection shoot next week, which is very exciting. This is the first time that the shoot will cover two days instead of one, which gives you an idea of the scale of the shoot we have going on...

For those of you who missed it last time, here is the video of the Alex Box interview at Selfridges London with Lynne from Fragdiegurus blog, and the fantastic Looking Good Blog.

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