31 May 2010

Nail Varnish Competition - Update III

Another update for you all on the Nail Varnish competition - I am pleased to announce that due to the exceptional quality of entries, we have decided to pick FOUR winners!

We have spent the past two weeks testing the matched samples sent to us by our supplier [we narrowed it down to eight finalists] and everyone in the office has their favourites. I look forward to updating you all shortly on the final four winners and their matched products, but as promised - we will send to the winners first in order for them to be able to tell us what they think of their dream nail colour being made a reality!

On a relevant note, Sophy Robson has begun producing tutorials with Glossy Magazine. Watch her create her signature rainbow nails in the video below ...


  1. So exciting! I wish I had taken part in this but not even sure what my dream nail polish colour would be, I love them all! Cant wait to see the finalists xx

  2. Oh wow, cannot wait to see these!

  3. Come on and tell us then!

  4. oh thats great uploading thanks

  5. Any day now would be nice...


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