07 May 2010

15% Off All Illamasqua Synthetic Brushes!

The world of cosmetics make-up brushes is a complex place for those of us who make a point to live our lives with none or as little animal testing products as possible.

Illamasqua's products are not tested on animals, and we have invested a lot of time, money and testing in our top-of-the-range synthetic brushes.

Spob, international film and theatre make-up artist and our Head of Professional Development, tells me: "Real hair brushes are absorbent which has always been used as a selling point. The hair grabs the product and absorbs it and then sticks under the cuticles. This make-up can sit in the hair even when cleaned, it can rot the brushes and it can trap bacteria. Illamasqua brushes still grab the product but it is easily moved on to the skin and easily washed off making them more hygienic and ultimately longer lasting."

Alex Box, Creative Director of Illamasqua, believes "Synthetic brushes are the future".

To help you switch to synthetic we are offering an incredible 15% off the entire range of synthetic brushes.

I asked around the office to find out which brushes everyone will be ordering [yes, we take advantages of discounts, too!]

Rosa [PR Manager] - The Kabuki Brush "
I think it's amazingly soft and you can cover your body and all over shimmer in seconds!" £32.30 for a limited time only...

Halimah [Product Development Assistant] - The Highlighter Brush - "I find this brush extremely versatile which is important to me as a working make-up artist. You can buff in foundation, apply precise blusher or contour beautifully with it." £19.55 for a limited time only...

Adam [National Make-Up Artist] - The Blending Brush I
- "Fabulous for precise concealer application as well as it's intended use as a blending brush for eye shadow. Effortlessly merges colours for a flawless finish. Love." £17 for a limited time only...

Daniel [International Trainer] - The Eye Brow Brush - "Everyone should have a fabulously groomed eye brow as it adds structure to every face. It just helps with the overall make-up look, more finished and refined." £15.30 for a limited time only...

Me! - Alex [Junior Brand Manager] - The Angled Eye Liner Brush - "OK, so I don't actually own this yet but it's in the post on it's way to me now, so I am really looking forward to trying it! It's like a smaller version of the Eye Brow Brush, which I use for everything from creating cupid's bows to thick eye liner. And for £13.60? It's a steal!" £13.60 for a limited time only...


  1. The Kabuki Brush looks amazing - I have seen it on a few blogs and it is def on my wish list! x

  2. The kabuki is like a puppy, I could just keep stroking it all day. In fact I stayed so long that Mika at the Selfridges counter in London jokingly asked if I wanted a job washing brushes! Oops. Haha.

  3. Oh this is something for me. I have an eye on them since the launch! Esspecially the Powderbrushes *lov*

  4. oh man, I spend a small fortune at your Newcastle counter today & you throw this in my face!? I love those brushes, I'm very very tempted!

  5. OMG i totally NEED these! they look fab!

  6. I so Need these - I really like Kabukis :)

  7. Would love to win the brushes!!

  8. I have one of the blusher brushes and I love it, it's much better than the equivalents I have from other brands, doesn't shed and is great for cream products!


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