07 May 2010

Illamasqua Competition: ELEMENTALS

The Mizzworthy/ Illamasqua competition is off and running again and we have a great theme for you!

So what are Elementals?

According to folklore, the Elementals are the fundamental elements of nature; Fire, Earth, Air and Water. With roots in classic mythology, these elements have been personified in a variety of cultures and this could definitely be worth exploring for inspiration...


Destructive, aggressive, hostile and dangerous or passionate, hot, sexy...


Tumultuos, dark, deep, unpredictable or peaceful, calming, still, serene, zen, lifegiving...


Imposing, strong, indestructable or natural, organic, tranquil...


Stormy, fierce, noisy or whimsical, carefree, freedom...

The Prizes:

1st Prize: Illumine oil in your choice of shade, with a Liquid Metal Palette containing all four of the Liquid Metals...

2nd Prize: A Full size Bronzer in Burnished with a Nail Varnish in 'Prism'.

Of course, the short list will have their work viewed and rated by Creative Director Alex Box and the winners will receive coverage on our blog and website!

The contest will run from now until May 31st 2010.

For competition rules, and to enter, please visit www.mizzworthy.com

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