09 May 2010

My Elemental Competition Entry!

Ok, so I have found myself with a bit of time this weekend and I have been meaning to enter the Mizzworthy/ Illamasqua competition since we begun it about this time last year!

I have always been inspired by mythology [I studied Classical Civilisation at school] so I chose to explore the Earth elemental theme and here is what I came up with...

War and Peace Elemental:

I created a look to symbolise the ferocious element of the Earth [right side] - wars have been commonplace since the dawn of time as tribes fought over territory and land. Some Ancient civilisations believed that they were warriors when they lived on the Earth and peaceful spirits [left side] once they are in the Earth - this is what the female Amazon warriors believed and so they have been an inspiration in the look that I have put together.

Sorry for the bad photoshopping of putting the images together - in hindsight, I probably should have done my whole face as each look as opposed to painting half and half!


I wanted to create a pale, light and almost glowing look as my interpretation of peace. Bright colours, sparkling skin and those wonderful Birthday Lashes add a luxe edge...

Products used [all Illamasqua unless specified]:


Rich Liquid Foundation 135
Loose Powder 115
Loose Powder 005 [pink based powder, beautiful for a subtle, fresh glow]
Illuminator in 'Poised' [blended into the top of the cheekbones and temples]
Powder Blusher in 'Katie'
Powder Eye Shadow in 'Tempt'
Barry M Shadow Pot [label rubbed off, but it's a sparkling orange buffed into temples and hairline]


Cream Eye Shadow in 'Hunger' [All over the eye area and over the eye brows]
Powder Eye shadow in 'Shiver'
Medium Pencil in 'Paint' [waterline]
Birthday Lashes


Covergirl lipstick 593
Sheer Lipgloss in 'Brilliant'


As previously mentioned, I was inspired mainly by Amazonian women and also Courtney Love's baby doll look. Rough and ready for action!


Rich Liquid Foundation 215 mixed with Illuminator in 'Glimmer'
Powder Eye Shadow in 'Wolf' and 'Moan' across the cheekbones
Powder Eye Shadow in 'Truth' [smudged in places over the face]


Concealer in 350 [as a base, all over the eye area]
Powder Eye Shadow in 'Lestat' [on top of the base and winged out in to hairline as well as brushed through brows]
Jemma Kidd Define Stay-put Eyeliner in '10 Zodiac' [lovely silver glitter shot black pencil in wateline and under the eye]
Volume Mascara in 'Harness' [three coats]
Powder Eye Shadow in 'Predator'


Lipstick in 'Encounter'


  1. This is so cool! I was thinking of doing a native american inspired look for Earth :)

  2. I am so loving the look on the right side

  3. have you got crstalson your eyelashes? howdo they feel?

  4. Thanks all! @Kohsamui14 - these are our limited edition birthday lashes. I managed to grab a pair before they sold out!

  5. Oh yes I like! Must enter now - thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Love it! What a fab contrast.

    by the way, I did Classical Civilisation at school too!

  7. these are both really awesome looks!
    fantastic work :) xxx

  8. Finally! I am back online and just wanted to acknowledge the entry! Apologies for the delay! Moving house sucks, but trying to get internet connected sucks even more... Please bear with me - we have had some fabulous entries so judging will be difficult, but keep checking my blog for the finalists!
    MizzWorthy x


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