05 March 2010

Blogger event for Body Electrics

I am starting to plan the blogger event for April 7th and 8th in the UK, as well as working on one for all y'all NYC based bloggers and it's going to be fantastic [if I do say so myself...!] so, in celebration, I want to let you all know a little bit more about our Spring Summer collection.

Due for a mid April launch across all counters in the UK - and May in the US - Body Electrics celebrates the body in motion, enhances your individual contours and is an explosion of electrifying energy. Again, we have new product textures and some otherwordly shades and unique finishes.

I went behind the scenes of the shoot in January to find out all the details, hints and tips and interviews with the creatives and I will post these as we get closer to launch date...

Here is the interview with Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton, the fantastic photography duo. Their inspirational photographic style [showcased in the below images] was a big influence on the final Body Electrics shoot...

You collaborate with Alex Box frequently. Do you have a shared vision on beauty?

We have a shared creative passion for what we love to do and a vision to making things all beautiful and mysterious .

What are your main focuses when conducting a beauty shoot? The model, the fashion, the make-up or the technical aspects of photography, for example?

Finding a beautiful, unique face that you can transform with direction, light and magic. Working with people who have an interesting vision to what they do and bring all these elements together.

How would you describe the shooting of the Body Electrics campaign?

An electrifying emotion of fantasy

Who or what are your main influences and/or points of reference?

Our imagination and a perseverance with a vision , life experiences and other artistic expression inspires us

What does Illamasqua mean to you?

Alex's dream and passion


  1. I'm so jealous!! In Brazil we don't even have Illamasqua, let alone an event organized by the brand. But there are so many bloggers here, u should consider an approach in Brazil as well. =)


  2. This Collection sounds amazing! I cant wait to see all the imagery and pieces. It would be a dream come true to attend an Illamasqua Blogger Event!

  3. a new york bloggers event?! Will you be there?! xx

  4. Really looking forward to seeing this collection and where it's taking you next. Love the imagery!

  5. I'm so excited for this! and the 8th of april in my birthday :)

  6. Illamasqua is the best beauty brand ever xxxx

  7. April.. good to know. And "new finishes" - Does that mean new products? Looking forward to seeing this collection, and do keep us posted about the UK event too.

  8. wow!!! really wonderful those electric bodies, I really like it very much.

  9. These images are incredible!


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