01 March 2010

Italian Vogue

I don't normally post Editorial mentions on the blog, but I had to post this one as I am such a fan of Italian Vogue. I can't understand Italian at all but the shoots are always gorgeous and just the front covers tend to justify the purchase price!

Alex Box, Artistic Director of Illamasqua, collaborated with Sam McKnight [hair] and Marian Newman [nails] to create a wonderfully surreal image - every shoot in Italian Vogue is like a work of art!


  1. ahah I'm Italian, so if you really want to know what an article says, just let me know and I will translate that for you.

    Everything Alex Box does is surreal and magic - she's a true artist! I can see a certain background on her works that remind me of paintings, am I wrong?

  2. if you want i can translate for you.. eheh.. i usually do not buy vogue but if they spoke about you i'm going to buy it!!

  3. Wow, I like the model with red lips on the cover!Thank you for sharing.


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