11 March 2010

Mad As A Hatter At Beach Blanket Babylon

As promised, here is the fallout from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Beach Blanket Babylon that took place on Saturday 6th March.

I went along with my friend Laura [below right] to join in the festivities and toast to the wicked world of Wonderland!

Beach Blanket Babylon put on a beautiful spread of cupcakes and cocktails in teacups...

Mika and Lucy went along to create some zany looks for the actors and actresses - I think that Alice was a perfect gothic Tim Burton-esque Alice!

It was great to see so many people get in to character for the party!

For more pics from the event, check out our facebook page [search for Illamasqua]

A big thanks to:

David @ Merrymenphotography.com


  1. It looks amazing!!!! I only saw the email after it happened I am now gutted lol
    Apparently I have no luck when it comes to having a social life (unless im being payed as a promoter.. but its never the same when its work! :( )

  2. What amazing pictures, looks like you had a blast!

  3. the make up in these photos looks amazing as always.



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