03 March 2010

Director's Cut: Belfast

The winner of last week's Director's Cut is the Belfast team at Debenhams. The winning photo was Mark's, who created this look on himself based on "Monochromatic geometry. Whenever I think monochrome, I think 1960s and inevitably I tend to end up with a graphic geometric look!"

So, how did Mark create this Tim Burton-esque look?

"I always start with eyebrows. I know what kind of look I will end up with by how I start with the brows, so I used Sealing Gel mixed with Eye Liner Cake in 'Mislead' for a strong, blacker than black brows.

I then pressed on Concealer in 100 for a white base and added Pure Pigment in 'Tingle' for a crisp, shimmering white finish. I then lined around this with the Sealing Gel and 'Mislead' mixture and blended this out with Powder Eye Shadow in 'Gimp' for a shadowy effect.

Finally, I used the Contour Kit from the recent January promotion online, coordinating between Powder Blusher in 'Mischief' and Powder Blusher in 'Complex' to create a strong contour."


  1. Love it! Can't wait for people to actually walk around like this.

  2. Really love this look. It would be fantastic to watch it being done. Standing watching people work at the IMATS was awsome... Any chance of a video?


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