15 March 2010

Mad for the Hatter!

With the Alice in Wonderland craze well and truly underway, and seeing as I am starting to get the hang of this blog-sitting, I thought it fairly necessary to share my thoughts with you!  I went to see it last week, and Tim Burton, as always, managed to create a visual masterpiece. As a fan of Lewis Carroll's boundless imagination, I'd been looking forward to this for about year when I first heard about it.  Having read some less than complimentary reviews, I went into the Imax with limited expectations.  However, there was no need.  I was blown away! Based around one of my fav childhood poems, the brilliant 'Jabberwocky', I found myself grinning throughout the screening!  Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of the 'Queen of Hearts' was especially notable, and the make-up!!!  Oh the make-up - inspirational indeed!  I've broken down the 'Mad Hatter' for you, in case anyone is planning a themed party this year (my friend is having a themed hen-do - can't wait!).

Start with Rich Foundation 100 for a white base.  The creamy texture of the Rich Foundation is a perfect base for building intense colour.  Use Powder Blusher in 'Kiss' to create the extreme contours around the nose, working the colour up towards the brows, under the eyes and under the cheekbone.  Next, take Powder Eye Shadow in 'Savage' and work that into the outer corner of the under-eye, deepening the shadow.  For a more intense contour, use this around the nose and under the cheekbone sparingly as well.  Build the blue on the lid using Powder Eye Shadow in Anja.  For the thick white lashes, mix a drop of Sealing Gel with Powder Eye Shadow in 'Sex' to make a thick paste and then brush on to lashes, pinching the lashes together in clumps while still wet.  Use Medium Pencil in 'Vow' on the water line to finish the eyes.  Finally, use Medium Pencil in 'Ascend' and Lipstick in 'Climax' to get the well defined 'Johnny' mouth.  Oh, and don't forget the orange wig!!  Halimah x 


  1. WOHO!!! Thank you so much! This is actually on my to recreate list! SO yeah! this is a great help!

  2. Using the orange no.14 (?) lashes upside down along the brow would be a great way to recreate these eccentric and unnusual eyebrows in a slightly different and more glam-friendly/groomed way!

    Mark, Illamasqua Counter, Debenhams, Belfast


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