23 March 2010

Still Prince Charming .....

You think it's going to be a normal day at the office, when along comes Adam Ant! I think it's fair to say EVERYONE in the office had a massive smile on their face and some of us here (erm Lucy!) bagged an autograph!  I remember being smitten by Adam when I was only a wee girl, and to be honest, he looks pretty much the same.  Wonder what his secret is?!

Adam was working his magic with the Illamasqua girls here in the office, and I just had to share this amazingly timed picture with you all.  Enjoy! 


  1. I love this picture too! And I love the girl in the back with her hands on her head like, "OMG he Adam Ant is totally kissing her!!!"

  2. Mark @ Illamasqua, Belfast23 March 2010 at 18:54

    I feel cheated! No such luck during our training! Trudi's a dark horse! ;)

  3. I missed it!!!! gutted - Alex x

  4. Love this picture! She looks like she trying to get away from him though! lol

  5. Oh more goodness!!! He is my hero! SO jealous.


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