02 September 2011

We Welcome You to The Theatre of The Nameless...

We are thrilled to welcome you to our Autumn/Winter 2011 collection 'The Theatre of The Nameless'. Launching online today at www.illamasqua.com and counters globally from 8th September... Will you dare to enter?

Descend into the riotous scene of erotic adventure that is our Theatre of the Nameless collection.

 In this nocturnal den of the dissident leaders of underworld subcultures, exotic dancers rub shoulders with actors and anarchists.

Infused with the essence of self-expression that transformed 1920s Berlin, our rich and indulgent collection envelops the senses.

Darkly sophisticated tones are accompanied by shocks of dazzling iridescence and kinky rubber-look finishes, creating a breathtakingly modern interpretation of the most illicit nightlife in history.

It's time to cross the threshold and embrace a world of unadulterated decadence...


  1. I love the story and the pictures! Amazing work as always.

  2. So beautiful! I cant wait to test them at my favorite sephora soon! : )

  3. Oh, I'm so dissapointed I couldn't attend the event introducing this collection :( It looks amazing!

  4. I CANNOT wait for this to be released! The colours are just amazing, and seriously, did we expect anything less?

  5. Wow the pictures are amazing ! Looks like my collection will be growing again soon! A/W is set to be a colorful one !!

  6. looks gorgeous, can't wait to cry out the nail polishes. also love the promo images - DIVINE!


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