13 September 2011

The real people behind our Autumn Winter campaign...

Our decadent Autumn Winter campaign features real people, not just models, as we strive to push the boundaries!

We used two influential characters from the underground subcultures of London today, who have now become dear friends of the Illamasqua brand.

Princess Julia and Ryan Styles are both expressive individuals who use their identity to bring out their bold alter-egos. 

Princess Julia is a British DJ, music writer, part of the Blitz Kids scene in the early 80's, and is now a contributor to ID magazine.

Ryan Styles is an performer, musician, and all round artist. His iconic look, presence, and character can be strongly felt in the Theatre of the Nameless imagery.

We caught up with Ryan to get his thoughts and his experience shooting the campaign.

What was it like to be the feature in Illamasqua's AW11 campaign?

Ryan: 'A fab experience, I really like the photo's. I got to try lots of different make-up and learn from one of the best in the industry'

What was it like on the day of the shoot?

Ryan: 'Too cool, lots of dressing up and trying on vintage jewellery, hair and make-up which kept changing, I was transforming all day long'

How did you get into character?

Ryan: 'The great styling helped me along to become a very confident sexually ambiguous decadent flapper' or at least I thought so... hehe'

To see more of the campaign imagery and to shop the collection click here


  1. I love illamasqua makeup's they are so dramatic :) I've allways wan't to try your products but in my country i can't buy them.

  2. WOW!!! Cool pictures and stunning makeup!!

  3. wow, dramatic, emotional a little bit disturbing. We like it!


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