14 September 2011

Girl band Pris get transformed...

We have a new love here at Illamasqua HQ and it comes in the form of three ladies called Pris. Attitude and Lipstick. What’s not to love?

A bit about Pris…..

Cat, Agatha and Mary joined forces last year to mix their own brands of attitude, arrogance and swagger into something worth looking at and listening to. Voicing all those things you've ever thought and never dared to say since you grew up, got a real job, bought a house in suburbia and told yourself it was what you'd always wanted in the first place, Pris' sparky pop punk will reignite your rage, bring back your greed for glamour and have you craving cultural revolution.
Pris were invited to the Illamasqua flagship store last weekend to create some new stage looks in preparation for their upcoming shows…

What is your usual make-up look? 

I like lots of black eyeliner, big lashes, but keeping the face clear with a coral or pale red lipstick.  

My usual make-up look is also my signature look and resembles two weeks of partying and never ending rock n roll lifestyle. It's unique in its own rights.

A grungy, eyeliner, sex kitten lippy mess!  And lashes of mascara of course. Bardot meets a depressed panda look.

Does it differ from day to stage? – Do you create your own stage looks? 

Mary wearing Lipstick in Box, Medium Pencil in Spell and Pure Pigment in Berber

On stage we all exaggerate, so paler skin but more colour on cheeks and lips, darker eyes, glitter over black smudged eyes.  Red lipstick and nails.  It’s a mask that you can go mad under just for those stage moments.

How did you hear about Illamasqua?    

I've got a huge girl crush on Lol (Vicky McClure) from This Is England so when I heard she is an Illamasqua brand ambassador I had to check out the brand. I love that there is something extremely punk, DIY and 1970s about Illamasqua, so with that and Vicky combined it was love at first sight.

I saw the recent Illamasqua brand film “Born Again” on a friends Facebook page. I also love Vicky McClure. In the video she drives along a dusty road, looking so sharp and so beautiful but like you wouldn’t mess with that girl, so I had to know more about the brand she was representing. Realising it was a British brand made me excited. I don’t know another make-up line out there that gives such good quality make up and adds dollops of inspiration to the mix.  

What are your favourite pieces from Illamasqua?  

The Cream Pigments and Skin Base foundation. The Cream Pigments are amazing, they’re basically pure dye that can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks or even hair!  The foundation is silky but covering, which is what I need when I want my clear canvas look.  I also love the Illuminators and Nail Varnishes, basically I love it all!

 Cat wearing Lipstick in Disciple, Medium Pencil in Sophie and Pure Pigment in Alluvium

I adore the Pure Pigments which I will be using here, there and everywhere. I also love that Illamasqua do the palest of pale shades in foundation and powder - being a translucent dolly myself I can totally relate to these.

Illamasqua is about self-expressing and drawing out your alter ego, who would each of your alter egos be? 

My alter ego would be a crossover of Nina Hagen and David Bowie because they were both pioneers in breaking the rules and moving performances to another level.

Dusty Springfield, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh.  They had darkness behind their eyes like they’ve seen the world, wise and beautiful. 

Who is your “make-up hero”?

My make-up hero would have to be Nina Hagen, purely for her non-conformist approach to creating her looks. 

Agatha wearing Lipstick in Kontrol, Masquara and Powder Eye Shadow in Machine

To find out more about Pris click here.
You can also follow the band on twitter and facebook.


  1. Amazing band, amazing make-up! :)

  2. In years to come, people will point at this as the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


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