29 September 2011

The Freak Poem

With the count down until Freak is available to pre-order [this coming Monday 3rd October] on illamasqua.com, we bring you the Freak Poem ...

 I am
Exquisitely rare
Mysterious midnight blooms
Unfurling only for Luna's light
Datura, Black Davana, Poison Hemlock, 
and Queen of the Night,
A covert gathering of forbidden flowers
Brought together in love's darkest hour
I am magical, timeless
Utterly unforgettable
I am bottled midnight
I am


  1. I'm not bottled, but I'm a freak as well, so I guess it's a match. Love that little snail. =)

  2. It's like you described me! (I'm jokingly referred to as The Queen of The Freaks)


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