19 September 2011

Alex gets BLEACHED!

What a weekend it has been! Plenty of fashion on the catwalks and on the streets of London since the Fashion set turned their attention to our fashion week... stay tuned for a write up this week from behind-the-scenes at the Ashley Isham show and the Ada Zanditon presentation, where Illamasqua were the make-up brand of choice! We have some great pictures to show you.

We've also had our team scouring the decadent grounds of Somerset House to get some snaps of the amazing make-up that we've seen on show - we'll have an up and coming trend report at the end of the week, too!

In fact, I was feeling so inspired by the new season [about time - finally an excuse for the cold weather] that I decided to get my hair seen to by the cool kidz at BLEACH London - the salon that promises cool, creative, colourful hair to those who are looking to celebrate their individuality and explore their artistic side...

The lovely Bradley [who incidentally has styled the locks of our Creative Director Alex Box!] took good care of me, listening to the [actually pretty horrendous] history of my hair; how it has gone from blonde, to brown, back to blonde, to brown with pink stripes [don't ask...] to brown, to blue, back to blonde and eventually landing at fire engine red this time last year!

So it was definitely time for a change, and I've been inspired by the dip dye trend [or HairEnders as BLEACH call it] which I used to have on my blonde hair back in 2010 - I wanted to see what could be done with red hair.

So this is my rather awful before picture [how amazing is their hair-spiration wall?? Get ye to Topshop London to check it out!]

With the bleach on ...

Being styled by the lovely Bradley ...

And the final look. Yes, it's an awful photo so I've also included one with Marketing Assistant Hayley Smith ...

I'm thrilled with my new look... what do you think? Have you tried BLEACH yet?! Oh and check out this blog ... the guys at BLEACH told me about it and it's now my latest obsession... mylittlepony.tumblr.com


  1. You look fantastic! Makes me want to lighten my own ends like yours.


  2. Fricking awesome. Love how blonde they got you would have thought it would go orange! <3

  3. Wow, your hair looks gorgeous! I was really tempted to try this look, but you've made me want to do it even more now! :)

    Jade xoxo


  4. Ooh I like it! Very nice.
    Love your t-shirt too :)

  5. I LOVE it! I am deadly jealous. I want want want to visit Bleach, but just simply can't justify booking a flight to London from Sweden for a visit there. Or could I.... Hmm...

  6. Looks fabulous. The ombre effect is so flattering on so many hair colors.

  7. Looks stunning! Such a nice contrast in the colours.

  8. I finally get to see you both! You are so beautiful!
    I like the contrast in the hair colors ;)

  9. I love your hair! Tempted to book myself in for when I'm next in London! xx

  10. I was just watching an ombre YT vid the other day which used red hair to blonde and thought it looked so good! I love it, looks great on you! That ombre trend really is here to stay!!! xx


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