27 September 2011

Introducing Nic Endo, our model for FREAK...

The lead singer of Atari Teenage Riot, Nic Endo has always lead an alternative rock and roll lifestyle, where she pushes the boundaries and is not afraid to be different.


Here at Illamasqua we wanted to capture her daring and distinct essence within our debut fragrance Freak.

Nic Endo continually uses make-up to self-express. Her signature make-up look is white face paint with Chinese symbols drawn on top symbolising 'Resistance'.

 We can't wait to reveal the campaign images to you... stay tuned!

 "Illamasqua make-up captures the essence of night-time transformations, unleashing your alter ego and celebrating self-expression. We have now managed, with great care, to distil that attitude into a fragrance and bottle it. It's time to dress up and howl at the moon. Get your Freak on!"
Joseph Corre, Illamasqua Joint MD


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