10 November 2010

Transforming Salford Rugby Team

Earlier this month, Illamasqua had the pleasure of supporting the Salford Rugby Team to produce their annual calendar! Inspired by the New Zealand Maori tribe, Selfridges Make-Up artist Phillip from Manchester created an artistic and inspired look for the team. He translated the style of the tribe onto the face and body for the calendar, and we just had to show you a preview of his creations…


  1. You English people might pronounce it 'mourie' but it's spelled Maori :)

  2. Do you mean Maori, or is there some Mourie tribe? Bit offended here =/

  3. Apologies for the mistake and any offense caused, unfortunately when we researched the tribe there appeared to be two spellings, but thank-you for letting us know the correct version, we have now changed this.


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