23 November 2010

Illamasqua and Selfridges play date

For Selfridges ten days of play this festive season, Illamasqua are providing some wonderful activity across each of the Selfridges stores. With performers and artists gracing the Oxford Street, Birmingham and Manchester Illamasqua counters over the next coming weekends, there is sure to be lots to capture your imagination and put you in the Christmas spirit.

(Image: Gary Crozier and Pearls & Swine)

From Burlesque Dancers to Drag artists, Cabaret performances and Singers, and a few surprise acts to entertain and amuse and Nationwide this weekend and next, visit your local Selfridges counter to enjoy the games and celebrate the season in style. The performers will be in store on this Thursday 25th, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th November and next Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th December.

(Candee Photography)

A transformation with one of our professional Make-Up artists at Selfridges is the ideal opportunity to glam up for a Christmas party or a as a little indulgence away from the gift buying this month, so be sure to make an appointment with your local counter soon.

Head down to Selfridges from this Thursday to share in the start of the ten days of play with Illamasqua and Selfridges in the build up to what is promising to be a magical Christmas…


  1. Bink of pearlsandswine.co.uk24 November 2010 at 12:05

    Please credit the Gary Crozier/Pearls & Swine image.....

  2. If you are going to use an artists image without their prior consent at least have the decency to give credit please.

  3. please credit Candee Photography's image

  4. The photograph of the lovely Liberty Pink is by Candee Photography at www.candeephotography.co.uk - thank you!


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