25 November 2010

Melbourne welcomes Illamasqua...

A blog post from the wonderful Christabel of our Australian team...

On Sunday Illamasqua launched our first counter in Melbourne at Myer City to a group of fantastic Melbourne bloggers. We headed off to the newly refurbished Myer beauty hall to see Illamasqua’s new home. And the space is palatial!

Bespoke, hand- painted mannequins devised to feature in Melbourne and represent the influential subcultures behind Illamasqua’s visionary, the creative brainchild of Spob (Head of Professional Development for Illamasqua) and a team of young Graduates including Kat Sykes. With a large counter and a space to be used by visiting artists and for master classes, Illamasqua has already received a very welcome reception from Melbourne.

As ‘You’ve Got Face’ put it, the Melbourne bloggers were like a “well-groomed swarm of locusts”, checking out the colours and textures of the products as for most it was their first test of Illamasqua in person.

Transformations abounded, including Ponikuta who had an amazing interpretation of Body Electrics courtesy of International Trainer Daniel Busuttil.

One blogger was full of praise for the Illamasqua Make-Up artists, “The one thing that strikes me each and every time I deal with them is the absolutely stellar employees that they have attracted. Not just great makeup artists, but great people. Open and friendly, our afternoon was full of kooky humour and plenty of laughs. I can’t remember the last time I had such fun on a counter. Uh… because it’s never happened.”

It was absolutely fantastic to introduce the Australian bloggers to Illamasqua as a brand and to the new counter, and was a great experience to meet them all. What a lovely, supportive (and beauty-obsessed!) group of bloggers they are. I’m looking forward to my next trip to Melbourne.


  1. I wish I could of gone to the event in brisbane! If they have other events in brisbane for illamasqua I want to go! :(

  2. It was a fantastic event! Christabel is an absolute gem xx

  3. We're a cute bunch, aren't we? :) Christabel, you are such a superstar for organising the event. And kudos to the Illamasqua Melbourne team - can't wait to visit again soon!

  4. Wonderful write up! And I love that photo of us at the end :D Can't wait till your next trip down to Melbourne~

  5. A big thanks to Illamasqua for having myself and all the #MBBE ladies. What a fun day it was and I loved my alter ego transformation with Daniel.

    I was shattered having to remove it that night. x

  6. It was fab event, and I really appreciated the invitation. Giselle did my makeup and I absolutely LOVED it!

    Visit us again soon, yes?

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  10. My wife took me out for my birthday a couple of days ago and her makeup was awesome.

    She said she had it done at the new Illamasqua counter in Myer, and raved about how great she thought you guys were!

    She let me take some photos of her, I thought she looked gorgeous:


    (sorry for all my deleted comments, computer kept stuffing up)


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