12 November 2010

Illamasqua and ‘Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows’

Illamasqua have had the pleasure of working with the wonderful hair and make-up team of Harry Potter this week in the lead up to the new films launch next Friday 19th November. Spob O’Brien, Head of Professional Development for Illamasqua, headed down to the Press Junkit with her professional Illamasqua Make-Up Kit to work with the team for the two busy days that saw worldwide members of the press and television arrive to learn all about the new release.

Spob said…“Amanda Knight was over the moon with all of the Illamasqua products the team got to use, they were all so excited by and full of praise for them.”

With all of the hair and Make-Up team so excited to use Illamasqua, welcoming the heritage of the brand as truly British, they all shared how keen they are to use the products on their upcoming titles as they move on after ten wonderful years of Harry Potter.

It wasn’t just the actors, directors and producers of the show that received an Illamasqua transformation; at Harry Potter everyone was invited to be involved and had a great time, from Mums and Dads to brothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends. Everyone was truly wowed by Illamasqua and the colour range and professionalism of the products.

Last night saw the premiere of Harry Potter 7 Part 1, with Part 2 due for release in July 2011. All of the cast were looking fabulous and flawless. A big congratulations to the Harry Potter team and here’s to many more years working with them.

The week has been a whirlwind of broomsticks and Make-Up wands for the Illamasqua and Harry Potter teams and we can’t wait to see the new release…


  1. awesome, i would have loved to have been there, not only to see the outfits and makeup ... but im a big harry potter fan!


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