08 November 2010

It's our birthday when's yours?

Illamasqua are very proud to have reached our 2nd birthday, and to share this with you we’re extending the celebrations…

To celebrate Illamasqua's birthday, we'd like to give you a special birthday present with 15% off on your birthday. Just tell us your date of birth and we will then send an email with a promotional code to use at Illamasqua's online shop one week before and after your birthday, so you can party the night away in style.

Whether you are new to Illamasqua or a returning customer, simply visit http://www.illamasqua.com/birthday/ to register for, or update your account and enter your date of birth.


  1. Illamasqua, since I'll be hitting 20 on my coming Birthday, may I get 20% off? :P

    LOL just kidding. Love you guys! Early Birthday present ftw :D So gonna haul.

  2. Long way away still but I'll have something to look forward to next summer xx

  3. December 11th!

    LOVE you guys!! :)

  4. Hello, my birthday was on November 2nd. My email is angst02@gmail.com Thank you, Virginia

  5. My birthday is July 31

  6. My birthday is Nov 13th but I don't see where we need to contact you with our email address? I feel a little uncomfortable posting it publicly...

  7. The link in the blog post will take you directly through to the page where you can input your date of birth so that it can be registered in the system. Just to clarify your dates of birth must be entered through www.illamasqua.com and will not be picked up from here...

  8. It's my 30th birthday on 20th November so great timing!


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