30 November 2010

The Illamasqua Christmas Party!

On Wednesday 24th November, Illamasqua celebrated Christmas at the Bath House in East London.

After a fabulous year, we all let our hair down to the sounds of DJ's Barnzley and Ronnie, MC Feral and the otherworldly performances of Scottee. The cocktails were delicious, the outfits were hot and the make-up was typical Illamasqua, with artists and the HQ team coming together to funk it up!

Here are some pics for those of you who petitioned on Twitter to get them on the Illamasqua blog...

Our lovely NPD Assistant Halimah looking very 1940s chic ...

 One of Illamasqua's investors Nick Brown gets jiggy with it...

MC Feral ...

Account Director Natalie Hargreaves celebrates with Katie Sangers, our ex- Product Development Manager who we miss very much! Love the 80's perm, Katie!


  1. I recognise a couple of you from the store (Adam and someone else), but where is Amanda??


  2. Gawwwjus lashes are those the 26s? Wish list please!


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