01 October 2010

Mika Interview

Our National Make-Up Artist Mika will be making the trip over to Dublin on Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Saturday 9th October. Ahead of his trip he popped in for a quick catch up on what he’s been up to!

Hey Mika, you look cool today! What are you looking forward to showing our customers in BT2, Dublin this weekend?

I’m more looking forward to meeting all the characters and customers that inevitably come for my visits, I have had so many lovely times on counters and every experience is different. There isn’t one particular piece I will show but definitely a strong focus on our amazing AW10 collection!

What with your love of charact
ers, who is your favourite character from the AW10 Art of Darkness collection?
I adore the Dark Angel – with her beautiful porcelain skin and the striking combination of Lipstick in ‘Disciple’ with Liquid Metal in ‘Superior’ on top. Absolutely divine!

Recently you've been involved in some interesting projects, can you share them with us?
Sure, I’ve just worked with Ada Zanditon’s on her SS11 show. Ada and I have had a very good relationship for years; I wore one of her earliest designs at a club but had never met her before. She came bounding up to me and said “I made that dress!!” It’s been a fond friendship, so naturally it seemed we would work together.

(Photography by Stylenoir)

The look for the show was inspired by the Golden Ratio, a mathematical equation that transcends throughout nature and defines ‘beauty’. There is a theory that all the top models faces fit into this symmetrical, geometric equation. What I did was exploit these line and shapes, defined them on the face using layers of Illuminators and Liquid Metals. It was really enchanting as from certain angles the colour was invisible and as the models turned there was a huge flash of metallic pigment.

We heard you also worked on the up and coming Kate Nash music video, how do you know Kate? What’s her favourite Illamasqua product?
I know Kate through a mutual friend and was absolutely honoured to be asked to do the make-up for her new video which is yet to be released. We kept her look quite simple, but she always insists on having Lipstick in ‘Box’, I think she has gone through about 4 in the past year!

Do you have any favourite visionaries? Whether they are makeup artists, artists, hair stylists, sculptors etc something dramatic and innovative that you would like to tell us about?
Malcolm Pate, a very good friend, is an amazing photographer and videographer. He shot one of our earliest videos ‘Prism’ and filmed our ‘Sirens’ collection video. His work is elating to see.

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