26 October 2010

Trick Or Treat in New York City...

Halloween is always huge in America, and this year Illamasqua's Brand Ambassador Kim is spreading the spookiness across New York. In the lead up to Halloween, Kim will be creating alter egos tailored to your character. Check out the transformation she made into the ‘Frankenfurter’ from the Rocky Horror Show…

Customers can come in and get there makeup done by securing a $50 gift card redeemable in products after their transformation.

To have your Halloween look created and your alter-ego revealed head down to one of the following events to meet Kim.

Today, she is working in the Sephora Soho store at the infamous ‘Halloween Week’, with a focus on looks including the Art of Darkness Lashes, Liquid Metal Palettes and Lipstick in ‘Pristine’.

Kim will be at 5 Times Square tomorrow (27th October) and at 86th and Lexington on Friday [28th October.]

With the Halloween mini Event on Friday 29th October at 711 Lexington, Kim is focussing on the Liquid Metal Palettes, Precision Inks and Lashes, Lashes, Lashes!

To wind up her week, Kim will prepare you to master those masks and unveil your dark side in time for Halloween at the Times Square Special on 30th October.

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