08 October 2010

Liquid Metal Palette 02

Now in stock! Yippee!

I am a big, big fan of the Liquid Metals and when I heard that we were developing a set of coloured ones, I was incredibly excited. Today, one landed on my desk and I was so thrilled, I thought I would create a quick look on top of my eye make-up and show you these wonderful new shades...

[From left to right] Stoic, Resolute, Superior, Solstice  [flash]

Stoic - Yet to try this one, but since Debbie Harry came in to Beak Street last week and picked one up, who am I to judge?!

Resolute - The most versatile of the three new shades. I've read some great blogs that have picked up on it's potential as a lip shade, blush and beautiful eye colour so I can't wait to get experimenting with this one.

Superior - The shade I am most excited about, as when I used it over the eye shadows that I had on in the morning [a mix of deep pink and purple shades] it came out as a beautiful blue/purple. Great that these can be used over eye shadows as well as under them.

Solstice - The original, and still the best...!

Below is what I created, what do you think? As I said, I had on previously Cream Eye Shadow in 'Touch' [unfortunately, a discontinued product] and then Powder Eye Shadow in 'Trollop' and 'lick' with some Pure Pigment in 'Involve' in the outer corners and a smudge of Powder Eye Shadow in 'Matter' for an added bit of smoke  - I didn't take a before picture, doh!

So here is my after picture ...


And here is what I did ...

1. I added a small amount of Liquid Metal in 'Superior' to the out corner and just above my crease line with an Angled Eye Liner Brush. I then buffed it out using an Eye Shadow Brush. I layered and buffed out until I was happy with the effect.

2. I then used the Angled Eye Liner Brush to draw a line underneath my lashes, which was blended in to the existing black Medium Pencil in 'Sophie' that I had put on in the morning.

3. To finish the look, I used a small amount of Liquid Metal in 'Resolute' in the centre of my eye and blended in to the Superior. This look really gorgeous and made a wonderful plum when blended.

4. Finally, I added a concentrated amount of the Superior along my upper lash line. You may notice that my lashes are Superior blue, too - an experiment that I will report on twitter if all goes well!


  1. I'm loving it. This is on a christmas list somewhere belonging to me..

  2. That "superior" shade is fantastic.
    DO WANT!

  3. That cream eyeshadow is still available on Debenhams website. They're great for discontinued stock, like the 1st birthday eyelashes! x


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