30 September 2010

Meet our new US Brand Ambassador!

For our international fans may we introduce Kim Anderson, our new US Brand Ambassador and how excited we are to have her on board! For all you lucky New Yorkers Kim is going to be the person to know; not only will she be overseeing the day to day running of Illamasqua in Sephora stores and offering brand support, she’ll be planning loads of amazing in store events across New York City. Excited much?

We thought to welcome her to the team and to get to know her we would drop her a line and ask a few important questions to get her settled into her new role. The only downside is that technology is so good we didn’t have a good enough excuse to fly over to New York to see her.

Kim, tell us about your training and background..
I started my makeup artist career around seven and a half years ago with Stila Cosmetics in New York City as a Business Manager, moving on to MAC before my freelance career began to grow. My most recent gig was as a part time instructor at MUD (Makeup Designory) School in New York City teaching Beauty 101 and Portfolio Development. I'm a self taught makeup artist...I decided that I was going to 'just do it'. I've always been enamoured with the art of transformation now I get to share it!

(Hair & Makeup by Kim Anderson, Photography by  Nevin Jethmalani)

We know your role is the US Brand Ambassador but what do you want to bring to the brand?
Well Illamasqua already has a lot! Though I particularly love the message of individuality and empowerment; I think I'd like to spread that around the US with a healthy dose of my own sassy charm.  I say we're makeup artists...because we 'make it up'. Letting women and men know it’s okay to do it your own way is my jam!

We’ve just launched a new Autumn/ Winter 2010 collection, The Art of Darkness, where Alex Box created 13 very individual characters, which is your favourite?
I loooove Queen of the Gypsies! I feel her.

If she’s your favourite character we’re dying to know your favourite Illamasqua piece...
Lipstick and Liquid Metals! Specifically Maneater and Box, which I like to mix with the Liquid Metal Resolute...sick amazing!

With that in mind, have you got an ultimate makeup tip for our beauty lovers?
Own it! Inside and out...from head to toe. Easy peasy.

(Hair & Makeup by Kim Anderson, Photography by Daniel Murtagh)

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! So what’s happening first in your new role?
Well, September 30th at Sephora 5th Avenue we’re starting Cast Training and October 1st is Brand Support...however I'm super excited about the Art of Darkness Event on October 2nd and 8th on 5th Avenue and Times Square respectively.

Kim, it’s been an absolute pleasure meeting you and we wish you the best of luck in your new role at Illamasqua!
Thanks, I'm so excited the welcome has been amazing!

To know more about Kim and her beauty insider knowledge you can check out her blog http://mskimisfierce.onsugar.com/

And don’t forget to go and see Kim and get her expert advice by meeting her in store on 5th Avenue today and tomorrow! She wants to meet every Illamasqua fan in New York!

More on the Art of Darkness events tomorrow!!


  1. I love this girl, she is going to make Illamasqua proud and do one hell of an amazing job!

    You go Kim! You deserve this so much!

  2. welcome Kim!!
    I need a Illamasqua embassador here in Brazil!!

  3. Congratulations, Kim and best of luck! :)

  4. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! These warm fuzzies are the best! I hope to meet you all someday soon;) xoxo!

  5. Kim is such an amazingly warm and talented Makeup Artist...her product knowledge is unparalleled, and her ability to translate that to her artistry and communication with her clients is what will keep me coming back for more :)


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