03 August 2010

Sydney Update and Amnesty Update!

It's a day of updates! Alex Box and I are still tearing up Sydney. Today, we had a few meetings with beauty editors in the morning and went out for a nice healthy lunch followed by a stroll in the park to see the bats[!]. They are something of a phenomenon here; huge big fruit bats that dangle from the botanic gardens during the day and screech overhead at dusk flying off to the East.

Tomorrow, we have the final rehearsal for Thursdays Myer Fashion Show. The aussie supermodels Jess Hart and Jennifer Hawkins will be walking amongst others, and I am really looking forward to meeting the teams in hair and nails as well the wealth of Australian make-up artist talent that will be supporting Alex Box and Christabel Draffin [of makeupmole.com fame]. I will be giving a back-stage tour to a group of select bloggers and press as Alex does Jess Hart's make-up, so that will be fantastic for them.

Also, in UK news - the Amnesty has been extended for a final week! We have been so thrilled with the reception and the feedback from our customers that they have been waiting for the chance to get to counter and we wanted to show our commitment to our customers.


  1. So when you say a final week.. that's until when?

  2. Alex's work is so inspiring. xxx


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