09 August 2010

School of Make-up Art: Course Breakdowns: The Night-Time Diva

Our highly anticipated SOMUA - The School of Make-up Art - will be launching at 20 Beak Street in mid-September, and the interest in our courses has been coming in thick and fast. Our School will be a creative hub of ideas and inspiration to give you the best possible start to your professional career or encourage the artist in you, hone your skills and give you insight in to the world of professional make-up.

Each day this week we are going to feature one of the courses exclusively to readers of the Illamasqua blog.

The Night-Time Diva

Especially designed to help you master the basic skills of night-time make-up, this intensive 2-hour course is the ideal opportunity for you to learn from the professionals, experiment with peoducts and create your own statement look before hitting the town!

The ideal start to any Big Night Out, it'll equip you with the skills to give any look an Illamasqua edge.

Course content:

Mastering pigments, becoming confident with colour, experimenting with lashes and learning how to create the ultimate make-up statement to make you feel sassy, sexy and confident.



Course Dates:

8th October 2010
22nd October 2010

5th November 2010
19th November 2010

3rd December 2010
17th December 2010

To book call 0844 984 1700 or email school@illamasqua.com


  1. SWEET is there going to be a makeup for movies class?

  2. £50?! That's such a bargain for a pro make-up class!

  3. will students get some kind of certificate after completing the courses?

  4. Do you guys have any plans for schools or courses in the US?

  5. How does one book themselves onto this course? Sounds too good to miss out on!

  6. Reckon you'll be doing one in Birmingham's branch? I'd hate to miss out on this!


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