30 August 2010

Art of Darkness: Dark Angel

With the fiery Gypsy Queen, enigmatic Wolfen and dramatic Mistress of Ceremonies revealed to you, I would like now to present a beautiful, monochromatic [save for a sensual navy lip] echantress known as the Dark Angel.

A guide to any traveller thats finds them self lost between the many realms of reality, the Dark Angel inhabits a twilight world and guards the secret of destiny's path. Her beauty reflects the shadowed shades of her half-life existence, and celebrates all that is 'other'...

And what better time than to introduce our new Lipstick for Autumn Winter 2010; 'Disciple'.

This pigment-rich deep blue Lipstick is all set to be the hottest colour for the upcoming season and provides an alternative to the metallic berry Intense Lipgloss in 'Hermetic'.


  1. Deep blue lipstick?! Wow, sounds great. I love black lipstick...this must be awesome too :)

  2. Fantastic! I'm so looking forward to this collection. Disciple and Hermetic both look fantastic - I wonder what they would look like worn together?

  3. i remember Satanic...and the issues with that lippie. SO glad youve released this divine looking blue lipstick that SHALL BE MINE!


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