23 August 2010

Art of Darkness: The Mistress of Ceremonies

With the launch date of September 16th edging ever closer, I want to start introducing you to some of our characters from the epic Art of Darkness collection.

Without giving too much away, we wanted to create an entire world with this collection, with characters from various realms of fantasy that showcase a variety of artistic use of make-up, from the subtle to the extreme, from the monochromatic to the vividly vibrant...

The Mistress of Ceremonies

With her authoritative aura, all eyes are drawn to the Mistress of Ceremonies. It is she who ensures the forces are balanced and the gods appeased. Her body is a patchwork of mythical symbols and semi-precious stones - a walking celebration of the earth and the heavens...


  1. This looks incredible. I love that your color stories are actually, you know, stories. So delightful.

  2. I'm so excited about this collection - it looks amazing. Is your flagship Beak Street store also opening on 16th September? It's my birthday that weekend and a visit to your new store would be perfect :)


  3. This looks absolutely amazing! I had my first foray in to wild make up today. I quite enjoyed being creative for a change rather than just 'doing my face'!

  4. Incredible images...then i saw those nails...OH MY GODS stunning.

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  6. Magnificent discovery! Now bookmarked and will be checking back for updates frequently.
    If you have Twitter, let us know.



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