09 September 2009

London Blogger Event

After weeks of planning, Thursday 3rd September saw the London Illamasqua beauty event, held at the beautiful and historic Kettners in Soho.

We served Champagne and Guinness cocktails [you know how we love to push the boundaries!] as well as really delicious vivid orange Apricot and Rum cocktails and an abundance of yummy canapes, which Halimah, Katie, Helen and I had no trouble in finishing off after the event!

After the meet and greet aspect, I briefly introduced myself and the team and handed over to Kate, our Brand Director. She gave a great insight into the brand; the history aspect, the initial launch, the research behind the brand and to update everyone on our next steps as a company.

We then played a presentation of Dystopia that detailed the influences and the ideas behind this fascinating collection.

Alex Box, Illamasqua's Artistic Director and legendary alternative make-up artist, talked more about the collection and also about her influences as an artist and her background in fine art, fashion and beauty. It always fascinates me to hear Alex speak; she has such a brilliant way of explaining and describing things to make them sound really magical, for example - her descriptions of Dystopia as a "rebellion against perfection" and "a distorted, twisted concept of beauty".

One of the blogger who attended, Lydia, was picked as a model by Alex Box to demonstrate the versatility of the new collection and the number of different looks that could be created with the palettes of warm greys, charcoals, granites and shots of neon pink and smoky purples. It was a real transformation!

We encouraged everyone to mingle and have a play with the products and invited them to talk with Alex, Kate, Katie, Halimah, Helen and myself if they had any questions or just wanted a chat!

I would like to thank everyone who managed to come along for coming and sincerely hoped you enjoyed the event!

** Special thanks to Kettners, especially Stef and Fergie for serving some delicious cocktails! **


  1. I would so have loved to been at this event. The new range looks amazing and I will be placing my order soon. Alex Box is an inspiration to all us makeup artists. I was lucky enough to attend a masterclass in London last year and she was just fantastic. She really encourages you to push the boundaries and just enjoy what you do.

  2. I would like to thank you for hosting such a lovely event.

  3. Thank you very much for hosting such a fab event :)

    The makeup was awesome, as were the cocktails.

    A really enjoyable evening :) Thank you!

  4. Is there anywhere we can see all of the photos that were taken? xxx


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