25 September 2009

Solstice V Phenomena

This September in London has been really strange - I think we have had better weather over the past fortnight than any in July or August, overall! It's been sunny and warm and yet there is still that lingering sense of Summer and anticipation of Autumn.

That's all well and good, but where does it leave you when it comes to choosing your make-up for the day?! Confused, that's where. Normally, I am cracking open the burgundies and the smoky chocolate eye shadows, the red lipstick [my staple for September as it's my birthday month and red lippy always makes me feel sophisticated and grown-up!] and the darker-than-summer Eye Brow Cake at this time of the year; but I have been completely thrown. I'm still wearing my Bronzing Duo and Outcast/ Predator combo for a Summer look.

And of course, I am still piling on the Liquid Metal in 'Solstice', even though the latest Liquid Metal in 'Phenomena' is the latest beauty editor crush. Below is without flash and below that is with flash, swatched on my very dry [ah, so winter IS coming then...!] hand...

I have been experimenting with looks using this product, but it just doesn't seem the time to move in to silver territory just yet. That said, I swatch and I love!

As it's Friday, I'm doing my usual fashion refresh courtesy of the fabulous net-a-porter.com and have discovered this gorgeous Proenza Schouler jacquard cap-sleeved dress. The stunning rose-gold detail would be perfectly complimented by a slick of 'Solstice' across the lids and with a nude lip [perhaps Intense Lipgloss in 'Absorb'?].

On the other hand, there is this mesmerising Alexander Wang [who can do no wrong, in my opinion!] LBD number that would look so rock'n'roll with a smudge of Liquid Metal in 'Phenomena'....

Alexander Wang spider lace dress £720
Proenza Schouler jacquard cap-sleeved dress £1,510

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  1. I think the answer is simple. Get both dresses and wear both looks in one weekend, clearly it's the only option! ;)
    Both liquid metals look amazing and I am wanting these so much right now. Solstice has been on my wish list since it came out.
    The weather is just as mad up here in Edinburgh. Taking sunglasses out in September when I was carrying an umbrella in July. Bizarre.




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