01 September 2009

La Roux is La Rude!

Here is a picture that Product Development manager Katie found online - the singer La Roux [whose album is constantly on replay as Brand Director Kate loves her!] having some Cream Blusher in 'Rude' applied to her lips! You all probably know by now that is one of my favourite Illamasqua products - I actually feel naked without it!

Totally loving the funky applique on La Roux's forehead - she has an almost Tilda Swinton swag which is really, really cool. Plus 'In For The Kill' is officially the most played song at Illamasqua HQ!


  1. LOVE her.. she definitely has an alter ego!

  2. Rude really is one of the best shades.
    And yes she so does have a Tilda air about her!!

  3. I LOVE La Roux, her new album rocks... as does Rude cream blusher actually!

  4. Can anyone tell me if Illamasqua is being sold in Canada?


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