15 September 2009

Illamasqua To The Bullring!

I'm thrilled to officially announce that Illamasqua will be launching in the Birmingham Selfridges in November!

I have had many requests from Midlands dwellers eager for some Illamasqua! Well now you do not have to journey to London/ Trafford/ Cardiff for a counter as the Bullring in Birmingham will soon be home to a brand new Illamasqua counter.

We are currently recruiting for freelance, full time and counter managers for Birmingham so if you want to join the Illamasqua revolution, send your CV to maurice.mcdonagh@illamasqua.com or apply through the website here.

I will bring you more details as they come through to me!


  1. I would love to work for the Illamasqua counter in the Bullring but I don't think I'm qualified enough.
    I only have the basic make-up qualification you get when you do a NVQ Level 2&3 the rest as all come with practice.
    I have plenty of retail and managment experience though, would I still be able to apply?

  2. when are you coming to Leeds??

  3. As a resident of Birmingham i have to say that's absolutely brilliant news! :) i have just recently trained as a makeup artist and was wondering whether you'd have any positions for MUA's-particulary weekends

  4. Hooray!!! I don' have to go to London anymore. I can't wait I'll be there on the day with my entourage and my camera!

  5. Will this be released in Debenhams in Aberdeen?? Thanks =)


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