17 September 2009

Nail Art Competition: Update

We have been receiving a lot of unexpected feedback from members of the nail community in regards to the winner of our Nail Art Competition that was announced yesterday.

We set the competition up to encourage creativity and judged the competition purely on the nail art itself and not on the individual entrants. We had no idea that our decision would cause any offense and we were completely unaware of any issues such as this within the nail community.

Your opinions and thoughts are extremely important to us and after consulting with some top forum figures, we have decided to award the two runners up [Helen and Loungie] with the first prize.


  1. Thank you for respecting our comments and feedback - I'm really impressed to see a company that responds to the community like you have. As someone affected by wackymichy/original wacky's deceit, I appreciate it.

  2. I have a lot of respect for Illamasqua. Thank you so much for listening to those of us who voiced our concerns and outrage over the situation. You've made me a customer for life!

  3. I was one who commented about your choice of winner yesterday and I'd like to say that I'm very impressed with how you handled this. A company that listens to its customers is a rare and wonderful thing. You have certainly won back my potential business.

  4. Yikes, what happened?


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