10 September 2009

Ask An Artist: Foundation Shades

Hi Illamasqua! I wanted to try either the Cream or Powder Foundation and was having a little difficulty in choosing a shade. I am of Asian (filipino) descent and am medium complexioned. Usually when I test foundations from different brands I land right smack dab in the middle of whatever shade range I am looking at. I am yellow based but have a bit of beige undertones in my skin as well. I don't think I have as strong a yellow undertone as do a lot of asian women. Can you please help?

Francesco and Gillian from Selfridges London have helped me out with this query:

"We think she may be 320. This would fall closest to the competitor shade that she mentioned.
230 will be to muddy in tone for her and 215 may be a little to light.

We would also suggest the Matt Primer - Asian skins can tend towards oiliness, so this primer would help to smooth out that out and rebalance the texture of the skin."


  1. Cool! What about hispanic women? I have real difficulty with selecting foundation that matches my skin and feel I always end up looking rather washed out until I apply bronzer.

  2. Hi! Another skintone-quiz here.
    I have recently bought your cream foundation in CF135, but turns out it's too light for me. In Mac foundations I'm about a NC20 (which looks good though it's a wee bit dark, while NC15 is a bit too light and NW15 is too orange, looks a little bit like bruised skin). My skin has a somewhat porcelain colour, very slightly on the pink side. I'd like to try another shade and I was thinking maybe CF125, which looked a bit darker in the swatches I've seen, but I'm afraid I'll make another mistake. Can you help me? Thanks.


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