09 September 2009

Dystopia Film


  1. Hi...just one advice:
    You could take some photos with good light of Illamasqua's make up....some swatches for us......in a while you have.
    because....swatches of the web are....awful...Sorry but they're the worst views that I've ever seen.

    It would be good for us...especially for people that have to buy Illamasqua on web because in their countries there's no Illamasqua and Sephora doesn't sell it, neither.

    This way, I think we would buy much more (that's good for you and us....well..I think...lol).

    I hope this makes real someday. Thank you.

  2. OMG, this is so cool.
    BUT what happened to your Porcelaine Doll collection? I'm panicking - how do I buy that makeup now?


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