16 September 2009

Nail Art Competition : WINNERS!

The Runner's up [and winners of three Nail Varnishes from our core range] are...

Helen's Wonder Woman Alter Ego

This was such an unexpected and unique entry. Well done Helen! Helen also has an absolute must-read blog. Click here to check it out.

LoungiesPunk Rock Alter Ego

Such an imaginative use of self expression [and use of props!] and beautiful application has resulted in this absolutely wonderful entry.

And the winner is...

OriginalWacky's Naughty/Nice Alter Ego

Sophy and I just fell in love with this entry - the contrasting colours, the creative theme and the explanation in to how this look was obtained and the inspirations behind it meant that this is a very worthy winner. Originalwacky has won both of the new Nail Varnishes from the Dystopia collection and two Nail Varnishes of her choice from the core range.

Thanks to everyone for entering and if the winners can contact me at info@illamasqua.com to let me know what products they would like, I can get those sent out to you! Thanks also to Sophy Robson for judging the competition - it was great fun!


  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Amazing designs and very creative. I want to try out all of them.



  2. Wow, interesting winners.

  3. Cool!! Congrats to the winners!

  4. hi!
    actually the punkrock nails are from me ;-) my blogger name is loungie and my blog is http://www.polish-lounge.com
    please be kind and change it, thanks!

    (I hope it's the right picture and wrong name, not vice versa ?)


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