28 February 2011

London College of Fashion and Amnesty Installation...

You may have wondered where all of that used and unwanted make-up that was collected from Illamasqua’s Amnesty had gone…

Illamasqua are now working with the London College of Fashion to create something truly unique as a representation of the success of the Amnesty campaign.    Each day the students of LCF will be creating and evolving Illamasqua creatures as an Installation and Set from the products collected from the Amnesty. These characters will then walk up and down the streets of Soho as a moving Installation.

To catch a preview of this inspiring and inventive installation, head down to the pop up shop over the next week at No.8 Kingley Street, W1 - the venue for this unique piece of art.

These ‘creatures’ will be handing out cards to an exclusive 15% offer to be redeemed at the Beak street store only…so pop down to receive your card!

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  1. WOW! Just WOW! I'm so excited to see what the students create! I CAN'T WAIT!


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