02 February 2011

Chadstone cocktail party...

To celebrate the Myer Chadstone cocktail party in Australia, Jacie of ‘You've Got Nail’ has shared a beautiful post with us and some pictures that have captured Illamasqua’s presence in Australia…

We Love Illamasqua.  No, really.  We love Illamasqua and we're stoked that they've finally come to Australia where we can love them up close.
The Illamasqua counter opening at Chadstone Myer, held last Thursday, was an absolute triumph.  

Melbourne based beauty bloggers and the general public descended, en masse, to the counter, eager for a sip of champagne (or orange juice for the designated drivers) and makeovers, courtesy of the fabulous counter team and three internationally renowned Make-Up artists. 

Philip Buck (who might not be allowed to leave Australia once we raise enough funds to keep him here with us forever), Jonathan Mycock (who is the most beautiful man to ever walk this earth), and Daniel Busuttil (who we adore because of his perfect eyebrows) spent 3 hours working their magic on eager ladies keen to experience the magic that is Illamasqua.

A number of looks were created during the evening, all of which showed the deep depths of creativity within Illamasqua. 
I opted for a post-modern Mad Men look.  I wanted something that would work if the Mad Men cast were to be brought forward to 2050.  The transformation Philip gave me was nothing short of astounding.  Strong, bold eyes and a strong lip meshed together to create a 'secretary who doesn't take dictation' look.

The fabulous Violet Le Beaux opted for the most dramatic transformation, going from classic Hime Gyaru, to Hime Gyaru, as imagined by The Grudge. 

Mel, with the help of Daniel, received a wearable Black Swan inspired look.  Daniel also worked his magic on Mel's eyebrows.  The finished look is amazing and beautifully enhances Mel's already gorgeous face.

Jonathan, when making over the lovely Holly Curtis, decided to work with Holly's natural beauty.  The result is an imminently wearable look that can take you from day to night without the need to remove your Make-Up and start again.

The time passed quickly and, before I knew it, security guards were lurking, potentially concerned that the 'secretary who doesn't take dictation' would never leave.  Truth be told, if I could sleep at the counter, I probably would.

Melbourne Beauty Bloggers: Valerie, Holly, Hannah, Mel

Classic, timeless, gorgeous Illamasqua

If you are in Melbourne, make sure you check out the Illamasqua counters at Myer Chadstone and Myer Melbourne.  You will receive a warm welcome, a new look and, dare I say it, a smile because the staff at Illamasqua are all about taking you on a cosmetic joyride guaranteed to thrill and delight.
Finally, to everyone at Illamasqua, you embraced Australia and we, in turn, embrace you and welcome you to our shores. 


  1. This is great to see!

  2. So exciting! Please come to Adelaide soon soon soon ;)

  3. Great post from Jacie! We need a few more stores in Sydney please, especially Parramatta. I'm completely addicted to Illamasqua, in fact heading to Sydney Myer tomorrow to stock up on some more goodies.

  4. ❤✿Gor'juss colors, i've been wanting a magenta lipstick, but they are hard to find :(


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