23 February 2011

Ada Zanditon - Make-up by Illamasqua's National Make-up Artist Mika

Beautiful yet dangerous, delicate yet powerful - the ice princess is back!

Ada brought the theme of electric blue eyes and cheeks coupled with an exaggerated 3D blue lip to the forefront with the "Cryoflux" collection.

Ada Zanditon - The CRYOFLUX AW11 from Andrew & WIlliam Ho on Vimeo.

Mika created the look seen in the above video: "The hyper reflective make-up palette reinforced Ada's vision of the empowered alien girl from the cold ice planet arriving on Earth. To create the holographic lip, I used Lipstick in 'Disciple', with Liquid Metal in 'Superior' - a metallic sapphire - to create the metallic sheen with Intense Lipgloss in 'Repulse' pressed on top. This layering made the lip the focal point, and with a dab of Sheer Lipgloss in 'Soul' in the middle, created an electric 3D feel."

"The brow was inspired by a combination of Bride of Frankenstein and rockhopper penguins, this was a very Antartic inspired collection and there are such great ideas in the wildlife".

Lucy Gibson, freelance make-up artist for Illamasqua, added "for the look book, we took out the brows by using Cream Foundation in shade 100, and frosted them with Pure Pigment in 'Static' to evoke a feeling of an arctic winter. The make-up was very beautiful; the lips, the brows and the contoured eye was fun to create, and it was an enjoyable experience working with Ada whose sheer dedication to her designs and passion for make-up are a make-up artists dream!"


  1. I'm sorry, but can I make a suggestion? How about changing the layout of the blog a little? I love the blog but sometimes feel that the colours and font size and type make it too difficult to read... I don't know if anyone agrees but... Also, when I click on the pictures of Illamasqua products, I usually expect they will link to the website and that I'll be able to check the colour options, the price etc, but this is not what happens. I'm usually disappointed that I'll have to "search" the product I liked on the website.

  2. Glasgow masterclass tonight was fab, Mika was awesome and so friendly, loved every minute of it... although my bank balance doesn't love me.
    Got some amazing products though can't wait to use them.
    Lori xx


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