05 July 2010

Paradise City, Q-Bar, Sydney - The Fallout

Illamasqua plunged into the rock scene in Sydney less than a week after opening our exclusive counter in Myer Sydney.

It seemed fitting that we should collaborate with the re-launch of the Paradise City club night at Sydney's legendary venue, Q-Bar on Oxford Street. Members of the Illamasqua Sydney team set up an Illamasqua Lounge where they created the looks for the members of Familia, and L.U.S.T - the two headline bands. Ash Rothschild lead singer of Familia announced his delight to the crowd, "If you think we looked good before, take a look at this ****!"

Throughout the night, guests popped into the Illamasqua Lounge for a ten minute make-up touch up. Ash told Trudi the day after, "I didn't think the men would go for it, but by the end of the night I looked around and couldn't see anyone without make-up on - it was infectious!"

Thank you to all the guests who made a donation to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

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