21 July 2010

Illamasqua Amnesty: An Update

The groundbreaking Amnesty has been roaring ahead at Illamasqua counters all over the country and I wanted to give you all an update! I have spoken to some of the manager at each of our stores and they have been thrilled with the response - so many of you have been coming in to swap unwanted products that have been sitting dormant at the bottom of your make-up bags. We have had every conceivable brand in every single state of disrepair.

So what have people been saying? I went along to Selfridges Oxford Street to chat with some of our customers and they told me:

"I'm just excited that their is a brand that has highly pigmented products to use, without having to break a product down to get some sort of colour out!"

"I'm a make-up student and this 25% is an extra 5% off my 20% student discount, so I have been bringing in absolutely loads to swap out"

"What a great excuse to go make-up shopping! I can justify replacing my so-so products with colours that meet the standard I require for bold, beautiful make-up"

Rosie, our Business Manager at Selfridges London told me "We have been surprised with the number of high-end make-up that has come in - we expected mostly drug store brands. There has been a real trend for bright eye shadows and lips especially. We haven't had anyone come in to swap a nude lipstick for an Illamasqua nude lipstick, it's great how bold customers are being with their choices. Fantastic!"

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