16 July 2010

Countdown To Amnesty!

Tomorrow [Saturday 17th July] Amnesty officially kicks off on the Illamasqua counters around the UK and Ireland.

As I'm sure you know, we are offering 25% off any product when you bring in any old/broken/smashed/out-of-date/unsuitable or even empty make-up back to our counter.

As you can see - this is my rather unorganised Lip drawer! Yes, I have drawers for each product category I have way too much make-up to fit it all in one drawer. And yes, it is normally cleaner than this!

I have circled the products that I will personally be bringing to the Amnesty! The Clinique lipgloss that I got as part of a Bonus Time deal [I can't live without some Moisture Surge in my life] that I have squeezed the life out of can go, as can the Urban Decay nude lipstick that I loved until I lost the lid and it got full of gunk after sitting at the bottom of my bag for too long!

I also think that the little lipgloss [no idea of the brand, picked it up in the USA about four years ago!] has to definitely go - it tastes absolutely vile. I don't know why I still have it?!

My boss has just told me that this is nothing compared to the state of my desk... Oh, it's not THAT bad! How clean can you expect to be when you work with make-up?!

I hope to see some of you at the Selfridges Oxford Street store this weekend!


  1. I'm in the US so I cannot participate unfortunately, but what a great idea!!

  2. I've got a whole boxful of makeup to get rid of! XD

  3. Shall be using this offer when I go to Dublin!

  4. I have a smashed Illamasqua blush that I bought on eBay, is that eligible for the 25% discount? Thanks x


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