01 October 2009

Swatches: Cream Foundations - the lighter shades

In response to some recent requests, I have done a quick swatch of the lighter foundations colours.

To give some perspective, I am a 210 in Cream Foundation. I am also wearing Intense Lipgloss in 'Drag' - a lovely tangerine.

From left to right: CF140, CF135, CF120, CF110. Above without flash, below with flash.

I'm off on holiday tomorrow, so Lindsay will be taking over the blog posts next week!


  1. Great photos. I have pale pale pale Scottish skin so this gives me food for thought. Thanks. Loving the lippy too.

    Have a great holiday.



  2. The CF120 seems very interesting!!! I am so pale and so pink that I think it can be perfect!
    A friend of mine has come to UK and I sent him to buy tons of your products! I cannot wait for him to come back, in order to try your cosmetics! ^^ ^^ ^^

  3. Could you swatch RF125 also? I'd like to see how gray it looks against skin or when blended. Thanks in any case


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