12 October 2009

Mizzworthy/ Illamasqua Competition - Winners!

I'm back off holiday! I had a very relaxing time away from city life and had an amazing facial, indian head massage, body scrub... the works! Holbrook House in Somerset was my destination of choice and I would seriously recommend the wonderful therapists there. They use ESPA [gorgeous packaging and heady, therapeutic products] - Kate [Brand Director] is a fan of Neals Yard in Covent Garden for massages and Jonathan [Retail Operations Manager] loves the Rejuvenation Spa in Spitalfields.

I asked Katie [Product Development Manager] where she goes for a good ol' pampering session and she just pulled a are-you-kidding-me face... But I digress!

Sorry for the delay in posting the winners for our competition but it's been a catch-up day!

Choosing the finalists of the Superhero and Villain competitions was a difficult enough task for Mizzworthy and Krystle [from our Selfridges Trafford counter] but I was with Alex when we had to pick the winners and that was even more difficult for how do you judge artistic license?!

Anyway, winners had to be picked and they are...

, who won the runner-up spot for the Villain's part of the competition. Her look, brilliantly named "Valentina the Serpent Queen" was described by Alex as "gutsy execution - she looks like she really had fun with it [the competition] - which is what this contest is all about!"

The winner for the Villain's category is Unicorn Smile based her look on Catwoman - with a twist. Alex loved the "very beautiful, very elegant take on a villain. Sharply executed and yet with a soft modern edge. Love it." I love the eyebrows!

The runner-up spot for the Hero part of the competition goes to TackyBlueEyeshadow who interpreted a fantastic Captain America look. Alex thought this was "a very cool interpretation of comic hero Captain America. Very editorial - Dazed and Confused would love it!"

The winning look was submitted by KraseyBeauty . The intricate mix of textures and shapes was what really grabbed Alex's attention; "The interesting mix of classic eye shapes and contemporary skin patterns [means] she has clearly thought outside the box."

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for your entries!


  1. Congrats to everyone. Brilliant job. Loving Captain America.



  2. the entries are really creative, i like the winning entry for both the villain and the hero are really great!

    luv the brows on the villain look and the unique pattern on the hero look!


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