16 October 2009

Ask An Artist: Smoky Eyes and Lips

Saila emailed askanartist@illamasqua.com with the following question: I want to create a smoky eye look for a party using Pure Pigment in 'Involve' with Liquid Metal in 'Phenomena'. What colour should I wear on my lips? I know that a lighter lippie would probably be the best but I don't want to end up looking paler than I already am. Any ideas?

I called the girls on the Debenhams Cardiff counter for their opinion...

"A great way to create a smoky eye with-a-twist is to blend Pure Pigment Involve all over the socket and the crease area of the eye. To enhance this further, apply on top of Cream Eye Shadow in 'Stimulus' - this will create even more drama and intensity! For a multi-dimensional look, blend Pure Pigment in 'Tingle' into the inner corner of the eyes for an extra shimmer shock.
Use the Liquid Metal in Phenomena on the tearline of eyes to really open them up. You could also try using it just in the inner corners instead of Pure Pigment in 'Tingle'.

For a complimentary lip, try using Lipstick in 'Underworld' with Sheer Lipgloss in 'Tantrum' blended over the top - a fabulous plummy look that was all over the Autumn/ Winter catwalks!


  1. Thanks for the girls in Cardiff, I'll definitely check out those lippie shades. The smokey eye I was going for is what you've suggested, maybe great minds think alike ;)

  2. I love this colour of lippie its gorgeous think I might have to purchase :)

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